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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Language of Success -

The Language of Success -

Is There A Message Here from the Storm Gods?

Updated: September 5, 2012 | 12:52 p.m.
September 5, 2012 | 12:17 p.m.

First it was Isaac, the hurricane that did a menacing drive-by in Tampa. Now a storm forecast has sent the Democrats scurrying indoors in Charlotte. It could be just a coincidence, of course. The weather, like justice, is blind. But perhaps we also ought to entertain the possibility that God Himself is seriously displeased with the state of American politics.
I mean, why wouldn’t He be?
I’m the last person to try to channel the wishes of the Almighty (you’ll need to turn on Fox News for that). But just consider the messaging here. Isaac’s path into the Gulf coast and New Orleans delivered a scary reminder of Katrina. Thus it could be interpreted as a humbling reminder to increasingly libertarian Republicans that good government is still necessary. 
The projected storm system that prevented the Dems from trying to duplicate Barack Obama’s Greek-columned annunciation as a hope-and-change savior in Denver was, perhaps, an equally humbling message: Don’t overpromise, pal. ‘Cause you’re gonna fail.
Or maybe it’s just that the Man Upstairs was upset about being left out of the Democratic platform, as Republicans suggested yesterday that He would be.
There is an old saying in American politics: “The Lord looks after drunks, children and the USA.” But given the disastrous policies of recent years, and the unremitting polarization of American politics, it’s not beyond reason to wonder whether the Lord has come to believe that we Americans are using His name in vain. That we are no longer doing a very good job, in other words, of being “one nation under God,” that the pluribus is no longer much of an unum.
Just a possibility...

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